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Our designers bring you a unique, one of a kind design combining candles with rich Egyptian stones which makes it a perfect gift for your special occasions. We are offering you wide range of choices from glass scented candles to our exclusive handmade candles.

Decorative Sand & Stones

Decorative Sand & Stones are carefully sourced, safely rounded & colored for a wide range of decoration ideas. It can be used in: Vases and decorative plate fillers, flower/plant beds for planters, various artistic needs such as paintings, sculpture.

Decorations Accessories

Ancient Egyptians used marble in all of their pots & vessels. In GROUNDWORK we are trying to revive that by presenting you with our exclusive designs of indoor/outdoor stone pots.


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design "LEED" is changing the way we think about how buildings and communities are planned, constructed, maintained and operated. Leaders around the world have made LEED the most widely used third-party verification for green buildings, GROUNDWORK is offering wide range of LEED compatible natural stones.

Smart seat is made out of honeycomb paper through its form it is very strong and lasting. very light to carry, easy to use and it takes hardly any place to store.